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Shear nuts

Shear Nuts

Tamper resistant security nuts comprising hexagon portion and domed portion. This is fitted to male thread and tightened using conventional tools until the appropriate torque loading is reached,Sheared Nut at which point the hexagon portion shears leaving a tamper resistant dome which cannot be removed using conventional tools.

Quality of shear nut is important to ensure efficiency, too weak and the shear nut might become too easily undone, too strong and it can cause waste of time as it will not shear correctly and can also damage the fencing post. All of our range is manufactured in Britain to exacting tolerances.

Fence showing shear boltsShear Drive™ Bolts

"Shear Drive"™ Torque Controlled Security Fasteners
Patent Pending GB.0310921.2

When the correct torque is reached the centre breaks out leaving a smooth low profile head. This new product wasShear Bolt developed by our own engineers to offer even greater security. The majority of security fasteners can be removed using their own installation tools, "Shear Drive"™ technology completely eliminates that possibility and offers the first true "Fix and Forget" fastening system.
For added security the products are offered with a 360° microencapulated Threadlock Patch which also makes them resistant to vibration.

Shear Bolt  security fastener

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